Instructions and materials to download

Here you will find the instructions that will help you understand the processes involved in the different roles as part of the eco Community. You can also download materials and documents that you can use as a community member in different places.

Start collecting waste

Even without your own collection box, you can always start collecting waste to donate it at a later date. Simply use a container of your choice and then bring your waste donation to one of our collection points with community box. You can also simply use the box of friends. If you would like to have your own collection box, you first become part of the eco Community and then you can order a box or pick it up at an appropriate collection point. And the good news: New collection points are added regularly!

Become part of the eco Community

As part of the eco Community you can do good with your waste! You will receive eco cents for your donated waste, with which you can support many different projects. For example, you can turn your crown caps into a young tree or a polio vaccination by registering in the app or on the website and getting your own collection box. You can find out how this works after registration in your personal area "I" under "My collection boxes".

Find the collection points near you here. For each collection point you will get the information on the corresponding map whether you can exchange boxes or get new boxes here, or whether there is a community box at the corresponding collection point. New collection points are added regularly!

Use your own collection box

Using a shared box

Dealing with eco cents

Take over transport orders as a driver

Become a collection point

We are happy about new collection points, which not only support us in our mission, but above all enable the box exchange for our community members and optionally also hand out the first collection box to waste pickers. You can either remain private as such or be public and appear in the app and on the website.

So far we have solved the logistics for Hamburg, Kiel and Berlin. If you want to open a new collection and exchange point outside of these regions, please feel free to contact us (

Instruction _To become a collection and exchange point (German)

FAQs (German)

Info sheet for employees

Invite others to collect with you in your box

For example, if you would like to invite your neighborhood or circle of friends to collect with you in your box, you will find a notice here that explains briefly what we do and how they can contribute.

Information for collecting with neighbours

Information for collecting with colleagues

Information for collecting with patients

You are a collection point and want to place such a community box?

Place an empty box registered to your collection point visible to other community members. When it is full just do a regular box exchange via the app.

Here is a short explanation for your guests or customers:

Information shared box for your customers

Information shared box for your guests

You are a private person and would like to set up such a community box?

In the stream "Me" within the App Contribute you will find the listing "My collection boxes". Click on the registered box that you would like to set up as a community box and then on the option "Convert to community box".

Here is a short explanation that you can install next to your community box:

Information shared box for your neighbors

Information/ poster for schools and daycare centers (DE)

DIY cover for your collection box - 1,000 lives without polio

Here you can find a template to dedicate your box to the project "1,000 lives without polio" also visually and not only within the app. Print it out, cut it out, glue it together and place it around your box!

DIY cover - 1000 lives without polio