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Our current projects

We will fund the respective project as soon as we will have collected enough eco cents for it with your help.

Saving 1.000 lives from Polio

collection target: 50,000 eco Cents

The WHO's goal is to eradicate the polio virus in the long term. We would like to support this project and are financing 1,000 polio vaccinations through the Rotary Initiative of the association Deckel drauf e.V. from Nuremberg.

Collecting 1.000 kg of plastics in India

collection target: 50,000 eco Cents

Sreekanth and his employees are hired by us to collect plastic trash which is the equivalent of approx. 72.000 plastic bottles from the streets of Vijayawada in India. The collected items will then replace fossil fuels in local cement manufacturing.

10 bags for „Hamburg packt’s zusammen!”

collection target: 10,000 eco Cents

We donate via the non-profit initiative Hamburg packt's zusammen! 10 bags with important everyday items for those in need in Hamburg who have been hit particularly hard by the Corona pandemic.

Feed bags for "Tierhilfe Norddeutschland"

collection target: 2,000 eco Cents

We donate three bags of food to Tierhilfe Norddeutschland. The aim of this association is to rescue animals that are mistreated or not kept in a species-appropriate manner as well as to educate the owners.

Clean-up in Kenia

collection target: 10,000 eco Cents

We are financing a clean-up in Kenia carried out by the non-profit organisation Sana Mare. Therefore, the organisation works with people who live in poverty and receive a fair daily wage. The garbage is disposed of properly or sold to recycling companies.

Hot meals for children in need

collection target: 1,500 eco Cents

Droughts caused by climate change have devastating consequences, especially for children. Through Welthungerhilfe, we finance a warm meal for 5 children every day for one month.

A bicycle for equality

collection target: 13,400 eco Cents

Long and dangerous roads make it difficult for girls in developing countries to access educational facilities. Through World Bicycle Relief, we fund a bicycle that makes a girl mobile and significantly improves her life and opportunities.

Support for PLAN International's Special Projects Fund

collection target: 12,400 eco Cents

PLAN works for fair access to education, income, health, child protection, water, emergency aid and equality. With 12,400 eco cents, we can, for example, finance the training of a medical professional through the this organisation.

Sponsorship of a raised bed - one season of material and cultivation

collection target: 15,000 eco Cents

The Hamburg-based integrative project Stadtgemüse enables a strong cooperation, awareness for sustainability and creates habitat for bees and insects by gardening together in the city. We support this with a bed sponsorship for one season.

Medical care for one day of sea rescue operation

collection target: 10,000 eco Cents

The entry across Europe's maritime borders means great dangers for refugees. Sea-Watch stands up for civilian sea rescue and provides important educational work. With 10.000 eco cents we enable the medical care for one day of operation.

Solarlamps for India

collection target: 5,000 eco Cents

We donate solar lamps to Greenap - Green Energy against Poverty e.V. The association provides the poorest people in India with these lamps as an alternative to petroleum. They improve their quality of life significantly and protect the climate at the same time.

Clean water for a family in Chad

collection target: 6,400 eco Cents

We will support the work of the organization Help - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. in the field of water. With 6,400 eco cents, Help can supply a family of four with clean water via a climate-friendly solar water pump.

Fair working conditions and rights for textile workers

collection target: 5,000 eco Cents

We support FEMNET in contributing to dignified and fair work for textile workers and seamstresses in the global south. The difficult conditions have to be improved and the rights of the workers should be strengthened.

Supporting young futurepreneurs

collection target: 5,000 eco Cents

Within the project weeks of the Hamburg education initiative Futurepreneur, students get into action and discover how much they already have in them today - regardless of social background and school grades. By reaching our collection goal, we make a project day possible for another young person.

Training for 2 mentor pairs from ROCK YOUR LIFE HAMBURG e.V.

collection target: 10,000 eco Cents

With 10,000 eco cents, we are funding the annual training of two pairs of mentors for work within the ROCK YOUR LIFE HAMBURG e.V. association, which works to combat inequality of opportunity in education with a targeted one-to-one mentoring program.

Support for the educational projects of Zero Waste Germany

collection target: 10,000 eco Cents

We are donating 100 euros to support Zero Waste Germany's sustainable education projects to promote a more sustainable world for us all. The non-profit organization is committed to the circular economy and sustainable societal transformation as defined by the UN SGDs.

Second chances with Bridge & Tunnel

collection target: 5,000 eco Cents

The Hamburg-based label Bridge & Tunnel employs people from all over the world, who partly have experienced taking refuge from their home. With craftsmanship individual pieces from post- & pre-consumer waste are produced. We support it with a 50€ donation.

Cleaning up the Garbage Patches

collection target: 8,000 eco Cents

The Ocean Cleanup aims to rid oceans and rivers of floating plastics with innovative technologies and cleanup systems. Especially the great garbage patches are an enormous risk for all ecosystems. We support the organization with an 80€ donation.

Our already funded projects

Many thanks for your help!

Plant 100 trees

We donate 100 trees to Plant-for-the-Planet, an initiative founded in 2007 with the goal of planting 1 billion trees worldwide. We reached our donation goal for 100 trees at the end of December 2020.

How do we select our projects?

For us, too, the term sustainability includes social, economic and ecological aspects. That is why we always base our project selection on the 17 "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs) of the United Nations, which include these in an all-encompassing way.

Propose a new project

Do you know a suitable project that we could support? Then get in touch with a short message and contact details.