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Find out here how you can support our sustainability projects!

As a school

As a student, you can collect selected waste at home and in your classroom and do good with it. The best way to do this is to use our collection box. When you hand in your filled collection box, eco cents will be credited and you can decide which sustainability project you would like to support. If you want to participate, you can join the eco Community. If you collect as a class, you can also register them as a team here.

As an environmental or sustainability team, you can be creative as well as collecting and handing in selected garbage. For example, you can create your favorite sustainability project or present your collection successes at the next school event. We look forward to receiving photos and impressions of you.

As a teacher you combine education about recycling with a passion for collecting. Motivate your class to consume consciously and collect together selected waste in one of our collection boxes. By joining the eco Community, your class can be run as a team and compare their collection passion with other teams and school classes. In addition, you will always find interesting news about sustainability and recycling in the community stream, which can provide you with important input for your lessons.

As a parent, you can help collect and support your child or children. Of course, the best garbage is the garbage that is not created in the first place. Think together how garbage can be reduced or even avoided in your everyday life. Maybe you live near one of our collection points and can hand in the class's collection box.