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Find out here how you can support our sustainability projects!

As a politician

As a ministry of the environment and responsible or accountable for environmental issues, you can support us in establishing a new and more effective waste collection system, for example by networking with other important partners in politics and business.

If you are a ministry of education or a person in charge of education, you can count on our support if you want to make sustainability and environmental awareness an issue in schools and if you see this as a school and educational task, as we do. Initiatives such as Friday for Future show that this topic is important to many students. It is therefore important to integrate relevant topics into everyday school life and encourage students to identify with their school.

As a member of parliament with a focus on environmental issues, you can invite us to events in your constituency or community to provide valuable education or to lead exciting discussions. We can help companies in your constituency with questions about sustainability and environmental protection, and we believe that a conscious approach to environmental protection is also an important economic factor.

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