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Find out here how you can support our sustainability projects!

As a company

As a partner you can support us in building our logistics chain. For example, a company site can act as a collection point for the delivery of collection boxes. If your company has its own logistics, it can also take over parts of the transport chain for waste donations. Your company appears as a cooperation partner in the eco Community and on our websites. In this way it gains visibility on sustainability issues and at the same time makes an important contribution.

As a sponsor, your company can sponsor projects or expenses of the non-profit Here, the company appears as a sponsor in the eco Community and on our websites.

As a client, your company can make use of our services. This includes consulting on environmental and waste management issues as well as support in software development, agile process models, administration and personnel. Here we fall back on our experiences as a company and make these available.

In purchasing, for example office supplies or IT, your company can use Amazon-Smile. Here Amazon transfers 0.5% of the value of goods to non-profit organizations without any further costs for the buyer. Your company can choose the non-profit gGmbH as recipient of this donation.

As a donor, your company can give donations in kind or cash donations. Of course we can issue donation receipts due to our non-profit status.

As a team your company can also become part of the eco Community and do good by collecting selected waste. The best way to do this is to use our collection box. You can find all details on our community page.