Doing good with your trash!

Join us in building a non-profit waste management system and support sustainability projects around the world!

The challenge: The Germans would like to be world champions in recycling. But that is wishful thinking. In the past, only 810,000 tons of the 5.2 MILLION TONNES OF PLASTIC WASTE generated each year were recycled. This represents a rate of only 15.6 percent (1). A large proportion ends up in incineration, landfill or export, as it is not yet possible to separate all waste according to type on an industrial scale.


Our idea: The difference between waste and recyclable material is the sorting purity. As a member of the eco Community you can build a non-profit waste system together with us and make the waste of our society something valuable. See the video to find out how this works and how we also support sustainability projects!

What you can do: You download our community app and get the eco collection box. Then you first collect metal and plastic lids and crown caps. You can exchange your full collection box for an empty box at one of our collection points.

As soon as we have weighed your collection box, you will receive eco cents for your waste donation. Decide for yourself which sustainability projects should be supported with your eco cents!

Sammelboxen für Metall- und Plastikdeckel sowie Kronkorken

Our motivation: Pollution of the seas by microplastics, climate change, waste incineration and more are on everyone's lips. One of the big problems with waste is to establish real recycling cycles. In the past, for example, Germany has actually recycled less than 16 percent of its plastic waste. The difference between recyclable material and garbage is the purity of the material, and so we decided to set up a new non-profit waste collection and recycling system, together with a community of supporters consisting of private individuals, companies, public institutions and NGOs.

The aim is to collect recyclable materials that would otherwise end up in incineration, export or landfill. To this end, we invite people and organizations to collect the relevant types of waste in a special box as part of the eco Community and to send it for recycling via our logistics chain. The proceeds of the recycling flow into replenishment projects. Our community app "Contribute" supports members in organizing, offers the latest news on various sustainability topics and manages the eco cents, our virtual currency to support sustainability projects. was founded in autumn 2019 by Michael Lützenkirchen and Nils Fuhrmann in Hamburg as a non-profit limited liability company.

Doing good with your trash! Squaring the circle or a great idea to rethink waste systems?

Watch the video to learn about our approach to a new waste collection and recycling system that will help support important sustainability projects around the world.

Why a non profit initiative? As a non-profit initiative, we are not committed to profit optimization, as is the case with other waste collection and recycling systems. For us, such a commercial interest can be diametrically opposed to the goal of promoting sustainability and, for example, avoiding waste. More waste means more profit opportunities - we do not follow this.

Nevertheless, we have decided to manage as a company with an entrepreneurial approach. We have our own employees with whom we can implement our ideas in a targeted manner. Voluntary support is welcome and strengthens us. With additional permanent employees we can ensure the continuous independent development of our own collection and recycling system.

The founders of GmbH have been active for many years as entrepreneurs and managers in various organizations and are at home with the topic of digitization. We believe that every new approach in traditional industries requires digitization. For this reason, our team has experience in the commercial sector as well as in software development.

The financing of A start-up costs money. A waste management system even more so. In order to implement our idea of an alternative and sustainable waste system, we have also broken new ground in financing.

In the short term, gemeinnützige GmbH is financed by its start-up capital and various consulting services. Details about these can be found at

In addition, we are happy about the support of our partners, which you can find at the bottom of this page.

In the medium term, we are working with partners who support us, for example in logistics. In addition, we award sponsorships for projects and expenses.

Due to our non-profit status we are able to accept donations and issue corresponding donation receipts.

In the long term, the recycling of donated waste will also generate income that will enable us to ensure further global growth.